Steve Falkner

Rocky And The Rollers® have almost 40 years of experience touring around the world.

Steve Falkner is the trumpet player for Rocky and the Rollers, and the “icing” on top of the horn section as well.

His fiery sound is an integral part of the dynamic sound projecting from the ‘Rollers’ blazing three horn section.

Growing up in El Paso ,Texas steve was heavily influenced by the mariachi bands and tejano trumpet players there, with their huge sounds and percussive approach to the instrument.

At the advice of his first teacher Jimmy Olivas, steve moved on to Denton, Texas where he graduated from the prestigious University of North Texas.

While in Denton steve studied with the great Don Jacoby, whom he attributes to really bringing out the best in his sound and “fiery” approach to trumpet playing, and Dr. Leonard Candlearia, whom developed his reading and technique.

While studying there he really got in to the sounds of legends such as Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinson, Arturo Sandoval, Bill Chase, and Tower of Powers horn section, and of course the many great trumpet players at U.N.T. and the Dallas area.

Other influences coming out of that era were the bands Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, T.O.P., Steely Dan and the Brecker Brothers.

The music of Count Basie, with Snooky Young on trumpet, also weighed heavily as a major influence.

Steve went on to being a Lead Trumpet Player/Musical Director for a major cruise line for several years, traveling the world before landing in Orlando, Florida where he currently resides.

While in Orlando steve worked at Walt Disney World playing lead trumpet in many bands there over the years.

A seasoned professional, Steve has also performed and toured with Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Donna Summer, Ray Charles, Don Rickles, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Bill Allred’s Classic Jazz band, Michael Andrew and wingerhead, and many others.

Steve is also currently a member of “BB King’s All Star Band”, a position he values with high regards.

Steve currently plays a Conn Vintage 1 horn, a Bach Flugelhorn and Warburton mouthpieces.

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